Rosie: Office Manager

  • I am a workout junkie
  • I love my nephew Max
  • My dance is the Salsa
  • My dream is to travel the world

Tanaira: Dental Receptionist

  • I play the piano and the organ
  • I love chocolate and coffee
  • I was a cheerleader in high school
  • I like to bake

Margarita: Lead Dental Assistant

  • I can eat nonstop
  • I love Sephora
  • I'm a workaholic
  • One day I will start my own business

Sandra: Dental Assistant

  • I love public libraries
  • My favorite makeup is red lipstick
  • I'm tiny but I pack a mean punch
  • If I don't eat I be cranky

Milena: Dental Assistant/Office Administrator

  • I love boats
  • My favorite food is Japanese
  • I enjoy performing in comedies
  • I love extreme sports

Melissa: Receptionist

  • Baking is my passion but I also love cooking
  • I enjoy reading autobiographies
  • I love everything about beauty and make up
  • I enjoy traveling with my family